Blasting Abrasive

Maneli garnet also offer the ground abrasive  media for blast cleaning application in two type (grossularite and andradite).

Due to higher quality than slags and no health issues as silica sand, garnet is now the preferred blast media.

Due to Caspian garnet is crushed from hard rock ,it will be higher density ,sharper and wider size ranges.

Thanks to its high density and sharper edges Maneli garnet have very strong blasting performance with good surface profile ,specially for the heavy coating and rusty removing ability.

When Maneli garnet compared to other abrasive ,it provide a wide range of competitive  advantages including:

  • High productivity – lower abrasive consumption with lower labour and disposal costs.
  • A cleaner finish- little to no embodiment, rough peaks and toughs ,superior surface quality.
  • Low dust ,improved operator safety, reduced clean up costs.
  • Minimal health and safety risks, little to no risk to human health
  • Recyclability – can be recycled several times, resulting in much less waste.
  • Environmentally friendliness- no hazardous compounds or by- products.

Our garnet are used in shipyard and marine industries, petrochemical industries, pipe line, blasting room, glass industries and so on.

We supply standard grade of garnet for blasting as below:

110-130 micron.   12/25

110-85 micron.      20/40

70-110 micron.      20-60

45-65 micron.        30-60