Maneli garnet is natural mineral waterjet cutting abrasive which is efficient in cutting stainless steel, marble,granit,titanium alloys,glasses and so on. the main component is grossularite and andradite garnet, one of the hardest mineral.

Our garnet comes in basic form of crushed garnet. Because of sharp edge from crushing, our garnet acts more like a sharp cutting tools and can cut better and faster than alluvial type.

Maneli garnet has high garnet purity and very low dust. that make the whole cutting course more smooth.

Maneli garnet offers various grades to match tube and orifice for  any given cutting application.

Garnet gives trouble free performances without checking and clogging of the nozzles.

Choosing the proper mesh or grade for operation is very imperative.

Different mesh sizes of garnet are designed to pass through different sized nozzle and choosing the wrong grade could be stop a waterjet operation completely.

Our size for any application are as below:

Coarse 60 mesh

Medium 80 mesh

Fine 120 mesh

More fine grade 150-200 mesh